Capital City Tank Services: Ground Penetrating Radar Tests in Victoria

Know exactly what lies beneath, with Capital City Tank Services. As one of Victoria's premier environmental services providers, we offer accurate Ground Penetrating Radar tests to our customers. This non-destructive method of imaging is useful for:

  • Detecting rebar/unseen objects in concrete floors and walls
  • Determining thickness of base and sub-base
  • Understanding physical properties of pavement and subgrade

Get Your Soil Tested

Find out what condition the soil of your home or property is in with the help of Capital City Tank Services. We've conducted numerous tests in Victoria, to determine the nutrient level, acidity, pH level and other characteristics of the soil. Find out the condition of your soil with our help.

We Stick to Our Estimates

Not only dedicated to providing exceptional environmental service, we're focused on providing great customer care as well. As a company that stands by our word, we will always ensure that the estimate we give you is accurate. So when you reach for your wallet, you'll be faced with no unpleasant surprises.

To see what we can do for you and your land, call today.

Special Offers

We are pleased to announce a special rate on Ground Penetration Radar services based on certain conditions. To assess your specific situation, please give us a call.

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