Ground Penetrating Radar Technology in Lower Vancouver Island

Capital City Tank Service is equipped with the latest Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology used to detect the location of buried metallic and non-metallic utilities, delivering instant results with extreme accuracy. The GPR scan is non-hazardous and non-destructive to the scanned environment. It can be a highly effective and cost efficient method to gain information before ground or concrete is dug in search of a possible underground utility.

How GPR Works

As the locator unit is moved along the marked area, it sends short pulses of high-frequency EM energy from a transmitting antenna downward into the ground. If signals are reflected back to the receiving antenna on the unit, there is an object present underground. In some cases, the transmitted signal does not encounter an object, therefore the signals go deeper into the ground. The findings are recorded on the unit’s monitor which produces a clear image for the operator to interpret; either the location of the buried utility or that the findings were negative.

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